Various Lens on Deaf Culture in Japan

By: Jee-Hye Laughlin

Based on my experience meeting with different people, both deaf and hearing, such as professors at the research center, students and faculty at the university, folks from sign language association, Deaf owner of a restaurant and others that all of them have one thing in common: they use Japanese Sign Language (JSL). It is a challenge to include all details to generate one blog about Deaf Culture. So instead of writing an article, I asked my classmate one question and limited their answer to three sentences. I asked them, what’s the impact on your learning about Deaf Culture in Japan?

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Adventure of Shocks in Japan

by Kali Doubledee

Everyday, Japan gave us a quite adventure of facing a lot of new things at every turns.

I bet you all were wondering what are the culture shocks we had in Japan! I am telling you, there are plenty of them. So, I gathered up responses from classmates to see what they have to say.

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