Quick Peek of Our Moments


“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

Don’t you always telling your family and friends stories about your travelling experiences? All of us do! For us, every moment in Japan is cherished in our hearts. Let us share our favorite memories with you!

Jonathan Cabrera: I have so much memories. My favorite memories when I had the chance to hang out with the the Japanese Deaf people and got a chance to use Japanese Sign Langauge.

Ethan Young: Wow I have a bunch! One of them was when I met a deaf person who have a job in Japan.

Justin Cha: My favorite memory in Japan was eating all these street foods!! YUMMYY!! My favorite street food was Takoyaki.

Megan Burgess: My favorite memory is when a few of us (David, Michael, Gianna and me) went to the Kyoto Tower one night in Kyoto. We had a few drinks and enjoyed the view from the tower. We ended up missing the bus on the way back to the hotel but took our time walking back. I truly felt like a local that night!!

Kyoto Tokyo.jpg

Christian Vergara: My favorite memory is when I study Deaf Japanese people’s behavior, I like to see what is comparison of Deaf American and Japanese Culture.

Michael Conrad: Well there’s 2 stories…. the time I had to fight a Japanese toilet and the time we missed the last bus back to the hotel…. For this entry, I’ll talk about the bus. A few friends and us got to explore Kyoto tower and taste sake for the first time. It was a lot of fun, and before we knew it the last bus had just left, we chased and tried to catch up but it was long gone. Soooooooo we ended up walking back to the hotel. It was too much fun and frankly not that long of a walk.

Peter Yeung:  My favorite memory is when we had free time exploring Tokyo by using the subway station.  We decided to go to Ikebukuro to see the biggest Pokemon Center inside the 2nd floor of the mall.  It was very amazing to see various pokemon dolls and saw many big figures, such as Pikachu, Mega Charizard, Mewtwo, and a few to name.  I wanted to buy all things, but I decided not.  I brought one or two survivors from that store and I enjoyed seeing them with me.  Seeing the biggest Pokemon store in Tokyo was checked off my dream checklist!  It is worth to go there!

Copy of Copy of 20160112_094950000_iOS.jpg

Mary Rose Weber:  My favorite memory is visited some historic places. We went to Osaka castle in the middle of the city. It was beautiful to view on top of the castle! We walked lots of stairs in Fushimi inari in Kyoto. There were lots of the fox sculptures. I was very enjoyed learning about Japanese history.

Gianna Heaviland: I had run into many Japanese people during my time in Japan. I loved that they were all extremely friendly and welcoming. My favorite moment was an encounter I had with an elderly couple at Fushimi Inari-taisha in Kyoto. I was shopping for souvenirs before I had to meet with the group. A husband and wife approached me asking where I was from, why I was traveling in Japan, and if I spoke any Japanese. While it was hard to hear them and their accents, I still answered their questions. They only knew a little bit of English so the cashier of the shop had to interpret what I was speaking. I was surprised that this couple was willing to get to know me and speak what they knew to communicate. They even shook my hand! It made me reflect on how Americans don’t make much effort to talk to tourists or people they don’t know on a day-to-day basis.

Geraldine Dang: Visiting Japan was a dream come true for me since I was growing up, but I did not expect to experience such a wonderful mixture of feelings of  joy, admiration, and awesome! My favorite memory is when Margaret and I went to Harajuku and stopped by the cotton candy store and the street food places. We ate two big cotton candies, crepe, and  bubble tea, the flavors were so good,  delicious and tasted differently from what I had back home.The shopping trip was so joyful, we were surrounded by so many colors from the stores, the noise from the crowd, and the people immersing into the shopping like us! My group and I went to the cities in Tokyo and it made my eyes big and shiny from the admiration of the technology I saw in Tokyo!  It is a land of adventure and future inventions. Your mind is trying to absorb like a sponge all these new (at least new for me!) technology. I cannot help thinking about the majestic temple in Kyoto, you cannot help but to feel respectful, in awesome of such stunning architecture, and peaceful  nature surrounding the the temple. The stairs leading to the mountain where the temple is , is a fitness challenge,  I could not finish to go to the top!  Maybe it will be an excuse for me to go back to Japan to finish climbing those stairs!

Copy of Copy of 20160109_005428568_iOS.jpg

Caitlin Kight: I have too many favorite memories and I have to pick one.. Or maybe two… My favorite memory is when we went to Takeshita Street in Tokyo, Japan and I have lot of fun and another one, on our first day of Japan, we stayed at the hotel and my roommates (Kali and Gianna) and I saw the Japanese toilet that have several features such as seat warmer, music, shower, and even bidet, which is a pretty precious term for a jet of water that gets fired at your tenderness. We were trying to figure out how those buttons work and I pushed one of the buttons, “bidet” and ended up that it was jet of water that fired out of the toilet toward to the mirror out of the room. I tried to made it stop so I just random pushed different buttons to get it stop. 

Kali Doubledee: Caitlin’s favorite moments above are also my favorite moments. Caitlin and I went on an exploration in busy Takeshita Street. Despiting Caitlin had a big backpack and other things on her back that kept hitting other people and items in stores, we had superb time! We discovered a wonderfully delicious, I repeat, DELICIOUS mozzarella sticks. I swear that food in Japan are coming from heaven of food.


Rapheal Lopez: I have too many favorite memories. I walked into the 711 store and looked for delicious candies that are colorful. It’s not enough space to walk around the aisle. it’s very interesting. I went to arcade game and all toys and odd things that are a little weird but usually for Japanese people. I played the craw crane machine to pick up the black balls but missed them. I noticed two teenagers expertly picking up the black balls without fails. I cannot believe that everything was wonderful for me to visit Japan.  

Margaret Peters: There are many amazing memories that I won’t forget about one of best thing in Today. I was waiting for my pen pal arrives to pick same time, my few classmates joined with me and me up. We took a walk for about twenty minutes for restaurant. We found the seat and he asked me if I am interested for beer so I said no thanks in Japanese. However, he actually brought the beer for me and I tried to explained to him about I didn’t want to drink a beer because I hate that. But I didn’t want to hurt his feeling because our group wants to respect them. After that, we talked a lot for almost four hours in Japanese Sign Language  and I didn’t even realized for that. It was a worth of my time.

Tiandre Turner: I am feeling nostalgic when I looked back to my memories in Japan. One of my favorite memories would be feeling awkward and surprised while I was eating when the whole class stared and smiled at me right out of blue. I looked so shocked with food in my mouth because Justin came out with a cake and then the class cheered and signed happy birthday to me. Afterwards, two dope gals, Cat K and Kali, got me two awesome gifts. That’s the moment I treasure the most.

Sarah LaMascus: One of my favorite memories from Japan was in Tokyo. We all had free time so I went with a few other people to the Pokemon Center and then we spent almost an hour looking for a Cat Cafe! We finally made it and it was super cute playing with all the cats but by now we were starving so we walked around and found this small underground curry restaurant that was sooo delicious! Then after stuffing ourselves with delicious curry, one person in our group, Tiandré, decided to find his own way home. We were getting a little worried because we were supposed to be back to the hotel in 15 minutes and it was 20 minutes away and we didn’t know where Tiandré was. Eventually we were close to the hotel and still worried about Tiandré when all of a sudden we see him across the street asking a police officer where our hotel was and then he starts running towards the hotel so we all start running! I can’t imagine what all of the locals thought seeing 10 foreigners running through the streets!!!

Copy of Copy of IMG_2270

In the end, the class made so many memories and laughed together. We want to thank you, Japan, for treating us wonderfully. Most of classmates are itching to visit Japan as soon as they can. See you later, Japan!


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