Yu-San the Wonderful Guide

Now, last but not least, we can’t end our blog without giving a credit to this wonderful tour guide named Yutaka Yamauchi (Yu-san)! Let me tell you about this man first before we start thanking him. He is a short old man with such a soft heart. He likes to light tease and would say something like, “Watch out for ninja.” Yu-san is always smiling and gladly taking us to places that we would like to see before we leave Japan.

Whole time during our trip, Yu-san would hold a flag above his head so that we are able to see where he’s going to rather than getting lost. This flag is very helpful because we wouldn’t be able to find him anywhere in crowded place without his flag with Snoopy’s “Beagle Scouts” on it.

Copy of Copy of IMG_4010

Whenever we are on the bus, he loves to telling stories about places we visited, cultures, and histories of Japan all the time. Having him here with us, the students have astonishment in their eyes because we all learned so much about Japan from him.

Anytime we have activities scheduled, the class would go into their own world and enjoy themselves as much they can. When it is almost end, Yu-san would wait patiently for all of us to get ready for the next thing on the schedule. He is very eager to bring us to the places.

Thank you, Yu-san, for all of your enthusiasm to ensure that we have great time. We can’t imagine what our trip will be like without you. We truly appreciate it.

Wait! There are more people we are thankful for!

Thank you Education First, for all of plannings and commitment to give the class wonderful travelling experiences! Education First (EF) is the company that helped teachers and students to study abroad with experiential learning, cultural immersion and authentic connections. They led a lot of successful travels. You can learn more about EF on http://www.eftours.com.
Also thank you for all of your contributions:

Mr. Osamu Honda, the driver during January 6 to 9 in Osaka and Kyoto.
Mr. Yukio Nishihara, the driver during January 12 to 15 in Tokyo and Tsukuba.
Ms. Chiemi Kawahara, the local interpreter guide in Osaka and Kyoto.
Ms. Michiyo Seko, the local interpreter guide in Tokyo.
Jessica Goldman, the American Sign Language interpreter.
Jessica Ziomek, the American Sign Language interpreter.
Nancy Kikendall, the American Sign Language interpreter.
Matt Lynn and Wendy Dannels, the sensei.
Scot Atkins, the lead faculty.

Again, thank you.



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